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Party Pops: Wearable Balloon Gifts with Edible Elements

Add a POP of color, thematic cuteness, and maybe some extra sugar to your party with Party Pop! Allow the kids to pop the balloon under the lid and turn them into a wearable bracelet. These cute treats look great as a decoration and are a fun way to bring balloon animals without the balloon artist. As with most things here at Sparkles Creative, you can customize however you see fit.

Starting at $10/ea or $100/dz (includes candy)

Themed Packs:

  • Zoo: Monkey, Penguin, Giraffe, Lion, Koala, Elephant, Sloth, Tiger, Hippo, Flamingo, Zebra, Snake
  • Cute & Cuddly: Unicorn (x4), Butterfly (x2), Puppy (x2), Kitten (x2), Bunny (x2)
  • Rowdy Rascals: Dinosaur (x4), Alien (x2), Tiger (x2), Snake (x2), Bear (x2)
  • Under the Sea: Shark (x2), Dolphin (x2), Fish (x2), Mermaid (x2), Octopus (x2), Turtle (x2)
  • Peace✌: Bee (x2), Flower (x2), Butterfly (x2), Bird (x2), Rainbow (x2), Frog (x2)
  • Woodland: Racoons (x2), Moose (x2), Squirrel (x2), Skunk (x2), Bear (x2), Owl (x2)
  • Space: Alien (x3), Astronaut (x3), Rocket Ship (x3), UFO (x3)
  • Barnyard: Cow (x2), Chicken (x2), Duck (x2), Sheep (x2), Pig (x2), Pony (x2)